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Do you know what the ratio of elements is in your charts? It can also get more involved than that. What the astrologer is looking for here is that vital link which signifies that these two people need each other. How they will come to depend upon each other, or in some way complete one another.

Finding this kind of link is an excellent indicator for overall chart compatibility and indeed for relationship longevity. Mirrored aspects are fascinating to find between birth charts, and are usually an important factor in relationship compatibility.

Moon Signs & Moon Sign Compatibility

For example: his Sun might be conjunct her ascendant in Scorpio. According to just Sun sign compatibility, this Scorpio-Gemini couple might not be expected to get on all that well. Because the mirrored ascendant links tell a very different story and add a good deal of strength to the relationship. Mirrored aspects between any planet or astrological point combinations tell us a great deal about that partnership and are considered potent karmic or soulful links.

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Find your Moon Sign If you don't know what Sign your Moon was in, you'll gain a lot more insight into your inner workings once you do. You can also share this specific page Share this webpage with friends on Facebook. Aries Moon. Taurus Moon. Gemini Moon.

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Moon Signs: The Inner You

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