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Instead, when experienced through relocation as a Transcendental Energy, it may become a primary motivational factor in the lives of highly accomplished people. When thus Transcendental, the traditional qualities associated with the rulership of the planet in question manifest in the forefront of the personality and professional life. Again, birth, travel or relocation under the line of the Primary Transcendental Planet, the Secondary Transcendental, or the Transcendental Midpoint-Field formed between the two seems to be an essential factor in "turning on" or "triggering" the underaspected planetary energy.

As we shall see, the Primary Location often points the way to "fated" encounters yielding larger social, cultural or historical dimensions. Indeed, the transpersonal nature of the Transcendental planetary energy signifies a collective psychic participation or origination of the energies in question in a manner somewhat similar to the "archetypal" or collective unconscious spoken about by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. For all these reasons then, the Transcendental Planet is qualitatively different than the underaspected planet, which is in effect merely a mechanical gauge that measures the Transcendental potential of the planetary energy.

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The Transcendental Planet is by its nature "underaspected" or more "highly concentrated" than the other planetary energies, but on the other hand the underaspected planet is not necessarily considered Transcendental. While the underaspected planet signifies the potential for a Transcendental experience, such an experience is not guaranteed: only physical relocation to the Transcendental Location will determine whether the underaspected planet will emerge into consciousness as a Transcendental factor.

The least-aspected planet thus becomes psychically activated when, through birth or relocation, the native is placed within the path of its geographic proximity. Once activated, the underaspected planet is no longer merely a symbol for dormant energies but it is now considered Transcendental and is experienced as a singular guiding principle within the life of the native. This, then, is the essential difference between the underaspected planet and the Transcendental Planet.

The dormant state of planetary energy found in the merely underaspected planet, once triggered by relocation, is activated and experienced as an extra-mundane or Transcendental energy, one capable of lifting the native out of the confines of his or her ordinary state of being and into a new awareness of life-potentials and desires. The Transcendental planetary energy could be considered as a function linking unconscious psychic dispositions and potentials with a conscious awareness and means of fulfilling them -- a function that enables us to transcend the limiting parameters of ordinary ego-consciousness by linking the ego-function with a higher source of cosmic energy.

While famous people are often born or relocate to the vicinity of the least aspected, or Primary Transcendental Planet, the second least-aspected planet, the Secondary Transcendental Planet, is also often found in close proximity to the birthplace or area of relocation. When the lines of the Primary and Secondary Transcendentals run in close parallel or proximity to each other, the area between them is highly charged and is considered to be of particular geographic significance to the native.

Here, then, we can speak of a Transcendental Midpoint-Field. Within the center of this field runs a theoretical line representing the midpoint between the Primary and Secondary Transcendental Planet. When a person is born or relocates to an area within this field, the effect upon the native is considered to be especially powerful, perhaps endowing him or her with special skills, perceptions or vocational ambitions. Occasionally, the third least-aspected planet will also be in close proximity to the Primary and Secondary Transcendentals; the combined force of all three planets in a Transcendental Midpoint-Field often leads to events of great consequence.

Richard Nixon's famed "China Opening" is an example of all three key Transcendentals forming a tight, close-knit Transcendental Midpoint-Field over the significant location of the Chinese mainland. For the purposes of our study, however, the third or Tertiary Transcendental is usually considered only after the other key Transcendentals and only if it is notably underaspected; is in close proximity to the Primary or Secondary Transcendental; or if the native in question has had an exceptionally meaningful experience under the Tertiary Transcendental line.

Transcendental Intersections Occasionally, rather than running in close parallel or proximity to each other, the lines of the Primary and Secondary Transcendentals intersect over habitable regions of the globe. I have referred to these points as Transcendental Intersections.

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Declaration of War against Germany. Transcendental Intersections seem to have an enhancing effect on the Transcendental Energies in question; they also point rather specifically to geographic locations of prime importance in the native's life.

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Such intersections also seem to have a "rippling effect" upon the entire radius surrounding the point of intersection, creating a "power circle" with a diagonal length of about ten longitudinal degrees. Leading Planets Lastly, while the bulk of this study concerns itself with the Transcendental Planet, both in its significant appearance over the birthplaces of notable personalities and over relocations of obvious significance in their well-documented biographies, additional mention should be made here concerning the role of the most-aspected planet in our studies.

The most aspected or Leading Planet seems to play an often pernicious role in relocation. Signifying in the natal chart a psychological area or theme that may in some way be overdeveloped or overemphasized, in astrolocality the line of the Leading Planet is often found above geographic areas where we may lose our focus in life. In the Leading Planet we may find the key symbols of how we psychologically overestimate ourselves; our hubris or "inflation"; or simply an inner-area or concern where "too much is going on" for anything to be accomplished.

The Leading Planet is akin to an overcharged circuit; and relocation to such an area will often short-circuit this abundance of a particular form of psychic energy.

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In the case of Adolf Hitler, his Secondary Leader, Saturn, was found at the geographic locale where he most overreached himself: the Russian front. Unlike Transcendental Intersections, the Leading Planet Intersection points to an area that it is best to avoid. It was in the vicinity of this Leading Planet Intersection that she was conjectured to have either crashed or landed; biographers have also conjectured that she was held captive in Saipan, where a "white woman flier" was reportedly imprisoned. The creative function of the Transcendental Planet While the core of this study concerns itself with the notable geographic location of the Primary Transcendental line in the lives of people who have played a significant part in our culture and history, the purpose of isolating such a group is certainly, in part, to learn from such well-documented lives how the Transcendental planet may be utilized as a creative function in our own lives as well.

Relocation to an area under the influence of a Transcendental line can have far-reaching effects, even if such a relocation is not a permanent one. By positioning ourselves under a Transcendental location, the previously untapped planetary energies, which before were experienced merely as an unconscious yearning or as an unfulfilled potential, may now become manifest.

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On the crystal clear night of 21 January, I took the first plate of the Delta Geminorum region. Soon after I started the exposure, a strong Northeast wind came up, and the 3rd magnitude guide star was darting about wildly, and swelled up to over 2 times the angular diameter of Jupiter-completely fading away at times.

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