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Support the deck creators! Use the links below to read your sun, moon, and rising sign tarotscopes. Interested in contributing? Submit a tarotscope. Happy Scorpio Season, Aries! Wow, what a Summer and early Fall, rife with changes, shifts, challenges, and — in your case especially — learning how to overcome. Truly, you have come through so much, but as a result, are in the place to set the boundaries you need to create further exciting shifts!

You love it so much!! For you, this opportunity is Hope Defined. And so, Go For It — follow your heart, trust your gut, and allow your Self to be illuminated. This is a time of sudden and very healthy change — you put in the work and, so very soon, the floodgates will open bearing such cool results. Taurus, Become more powerful than you have ever been! Oswald Wirth Tarot, U. Games Systems Inc. They are based in Oakland, California where they teach and build magical community like the San Francisco Psychic Fair and other projects focused on divination.

This season brings for you growth, assurance, abundance and healing. This is the time where you can give birth to new ideas and if you continue to water them, they may surely blossom into beautiful flowers. Your creativity is going to be at its peak, so express it in a constructive and meaningful manner. You need to put your thoughts and plans into action. This is going to help you pass from one stage of growth to another. The challenge that could come up for you this season is indecisiveness and defensiveness.

This could be the result of some upsetting news or things not going as planned. However, consulting a professional advisor can assist you in making a sound decision. They can show you new perspectives and other side of the coin which you may not be able to view on your own. Make sure that you weigh matters carefully before entering into any agreement.

Haste decisions may leave important initiatives unfinished therefore, be mindful. Try to treat everyone fairly. Take into consideration the feelings of others before making any judgment and final decisions. Let others express and make use of their potential. I feel that you may have to make a sacrifice to achieve a greater good.

During such moments, step back, reflect and reevaluate your goals. Some of you might be neglecting your own needs so get in touch with your sensuality, be kind to yourself and love yourself. Spending time in nature is going to uplift and relax you. Either you or someone close to you may be pregnant or planning to start a family. Cancer, Focus needs to be leadership, courage, creation and nurturance. Saba is a Capricorn Sun and Aries moon. Her purpose is to assist clients with spiritual growth, personal development, and empowerment.

Through her readings, she encourages clients to look beyond their fears and blockages to allow their inner wisdom to shine through so that they can better understand their circumstances and therefore can genuinely express and comprehend themselves.

She offers readings using the Tarot and Lenormand combined with oracle cards, her intuitive and mediumship capabilities as well as a mix of numerology and astrology. She does monthly Tarotscopes on her page so check them out. In this card pull Leos share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Leos, those born at the first decan or the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme. What do you think of this format? Leos, a journey awaits; a feast of the senses. You receive an invitation to play with the world around you.

So it will be this month.

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Leos will push forward in search of a promise of fulfillment, and they will explore. First decan Leo friends , the exploratory theme above manifests for you as emotional blossoming.

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Change allows space for your feelings in a way you find invigorating and maybe even a little uncomfortable. Change and satisfaction both illuminate parts of you that might have been previously dormant. What will you learn about yourself through the lens of satisfaction? Some of which we outgrow without noticing…. Second decan Leo friends, how is Venus retrograde in Scorpio treating you?

In your case, the tension from the first decan Leos is taken up a notch. Something stalls you.


Mercury in Scorpio | Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

There was a point in the past, perhaps before Venus started to turn away from us a few weeks ago, where you needed to make a decision, set an intention, or check in with yourself. Who are you really? It may be tempting to forget questions like these as they threaten to overwhelm.

It might seem easier to lose yourself in a cornucopia of distraction. Easy is not for the best. Third decan Leo friends , be ready to dig deep. Your journey is like one into a desert. To most, a desert appears to be desolate at best and hostile at worst. Not many know where the treasure is in such a landscape. When reality is tough we toughen ourselves to persist. Trust yourself to be large enough to contain more than the disturbance that this season may afford you.

Trust your resiliency because it will be tested. Leo folks, your season is filled with sumptuous themes. Passion abounds, how will you weather it? Click To Tweet.

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Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships.

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  • She writes a column at littleredtarot. Join my membership area. It is true: you reap what you sew, and you my dears have sewn QUITE the crop s for yourself this season!


    Could it be that all the recognition for a job well done could be a little harder to handle than you imagined? You are what you think, after all. Be sure that a need to orchestrate does not come back to bite you in the form of a beautifully gilded cage and self-made prison. That said, be judicious with whom you take refuge, seek advice, heed and take pleasure as it will help you better understand the difference between paranoia and discernment.

    This level of restriction can create unwanted stagnation and foster ill tempers that will prove quite disruptive to your upward trajectory. Remember your endgame, your Why. That should be what propels you rather than a need to prove something to the masses as the latter has the propensity to be counterproductive in the end. Patience, openness to change and positive self-talk are your allies for the moment; seize them!

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    ChosenEyes is a teacher, creator, and truth-teller. The Linestrider Tarot, , Llewellyn. Would you be ready? Would you be prepared? Vision and clarity are huge gifts for you at this time. Allow the becoming of the moment to set the pace for this season of your life.