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A tendency to brag and boast about their accomplishments and connections can make them irritating at times.

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But they also have the capacity to laugh at themselves and are quite warm, generous and affectionate. Passion and creativity highlights their temperament and they are deeply inspired by love and beauty found in all walks of life. Whatever they do, they do it with style and flair. Competitive and possessive, they can get easily upset when they perceive someone to be infringing on their territory. They can be very volatile when upset however, their sense of pride will often prevent them from acting out immediately or showing their indignation outright.

The significance of being born on the 6th day of the month endows the attributes of the number 6. The energy of this number is emotional and universal. Those born with a number 6 birthday are therefore compassionate and humanitarian in nature. Creative and full of idealism, the number 6 born individual is in possession of great vision and perspective. They have depth of feeling by which their actions are guided. Those born on this day are thus inclined towards being true to themselves and what their heart tells them.

They do what feels right even if it appears irrational to others. Sensitive and observant, people born on a number 6 birthday are mirrors of their environment. They are both domestic and worldly and enjoy taking part in their community and social circles. They are loving and supportive of family and friends and often serve to encourage and inspire confidence with their words.

As a confidante and close friend, their counsel and advice is often valued and appreciated.

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The number 6 also suggests a personality with perfectionist tendencies and high personal standards. They have an eye for beauty, form and style and likely have good taste in clothing. These individuals are inclined to spruce up their surroundings and make their home and work spaces pleasant and aesthetic.

They value balance and harmony as an abiding principle in their lives. Their likely enjoy a number of positive relationships thanks in part to their friendly and diplomatic disposition. Volunteer work and charity is likely to appeal to them as they are very giving and generous individuals. Those with a number 6 birthday will likely be drawn to professions that indulge their creativity and visual sense. The world of art and design as well as careers in entertainment are bound to be of prime interest to them.

They, however, may need to develop more confidence in themselves and their abilities before they can really tap into their potential. Because of their caring nature, they may exhibit excessive and undue worry about the wellbeing of others to the extent that they become bothersome and annoying.

Self-Centered Fixed Star for April 6 Birthday: Sirrah Fixed stars are essentially distant suns far outside the reach of our solar system. They constitute the constellations and ancient cosmologists regarded them as having significance in earthly events and weather phenomena.

The fixed star for the April 6 zodiac sign is Sirrah. Sirrah signifies positive relations and social popularity. Additionally, it imparts a congenial and likable manner that engenders trust and goodwill from others. Individuals with this birthday are likely to benefit from wealth, good judgement and an honorable reputation. They are highly attractive in more ways than one and they are able to achieve what they want so long as they are clear about their objectives.

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and the second-smallest in the Solar System after Mercury. Although most of the myths involving the god were borrowed from the Greek god of war Ares, Mars, was considered more level-headed than the often impulsive and disruptive Ares. The god was also closely associated with the wolf and woodpecker.

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It is located in the northern celestial hemisphere between Pisces to the west and Taurus to the east. Libra is associated with charisma, harmony, fairness, romanticism and relations with other people. Fire signs are intense, passionate and forceful. They are action oriented and possess powerful drives that can be both creative and destructive.

Paul Rudd born April 6, is an American film, television, and stage actor. Zachary Braff born April 6, is an American television and film actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. During the s, he became known for his role as J. He is well-known for his association with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early s, both having been dismissed from their professorships for experiments on the effects of psychedelic drugs on human subjects.

She is the third woman and first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in Congress.

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Billy Dee Williams born April 6, is an American actor. James Dewey Watson born April 6, is an American molecular biologist, best known as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Tags: april zodiac. April 7 Zodiac Birthday Personality. April 8 Zodiac Birthday Personality. April 9 Zodiac Birthday personality.

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    They have to always stay in tune with what they love to do, and if they hold on to the ideal and stay inspired, in love, and excited about their endeavors day after they, they will become a glimpse of perfection in whatever it is that occupies their hearts. The best stone to connect the energy of Mars and the first chakra with the emotional body of a person and their fourth chakra is ruby in fuchsite also called green muscovite , aiding one to embrace differences, dualities, and strange connections with others.

    This combination of crystals in one stone gives the ability to connect anger and love, negative and positive emotions, and instincts with divine love.

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    It is a stone that helps when the body is out of balance, and it will help the root chakra to send the energy to the heart. A birthday gift for a person born on the 6th of February can always be a beautiful piece of art that is in sync with their sensibility and their home. Everything they possess needs to be balanced with their inner world, and this will be achieved by finding its place in the surroundings to fit in. Such a misfit as every Aquarius, all they need is acceptance, and they will create it for every object that enters their lives.

    They will enjoy a surprise and an elaborate scheme to lead them to the gift, even if the list of activities is a gift itself, and usually need something objective and from the material world to satisfy their senses and their emotional need to hold on to stuff they got in special moments. Loving, inspiring, and emotional, these individuals are the strongest pillar for those around them and the best friends from the world of Aquarius.

    They will share emotions, money, and sweets with others, always ready to support their loved ones no matter the cost. Angry and frustrated, if they don't accept negative emotions as a natural response to certain issues, they might build up in their hearts, taint their inner world, and make them unsatisfied and aggressive towards other people and themselves. Aquarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.

    Aquarius man - information and insights on the Aquarius man. Aquarius woman - information and insights on the Aquarius woman.