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These tips are especially important for those people, who are not aware of any concept of astrology except exaltation. Your friend Nikhil has seen many astrologers and beginners, who will automatically declare any planet very strong just by seeing them in their exalted signs. Strength and auspiciousness measuring of a planet is done with the help of all the shad bal and non shad bal factors, just a quick briefing for you all:.

Judgement of Profession and prosperity Through Navamsa

Apart from Shad bal you need to see many other Non-Shad bal factors like, determining:. Like mth lord in nth house. All these concepts are not part of Shad bal.

Vedic Astrology

All these concepts have to be applied w. Venus is also very strong in the chart from many angles. Even a Neecha planet start giving fal like exalted planet, if it simultaneously fall in Pushkar navamsa and Bhaga both. While doing strength calculation of planets, a Planet in Pushkar navamsa can be given, 1 Rupa Virupa i.

Further, as per your freind Nikhil, you can allot 1 Rupa, strength to a Rashi Vargottam planet. An exalted planet also gets 1 Rupa strength; a planet having Kendra bal also gets 1 Rupa strength. The above mentioned strength allocation concept is NOT mentioned in any Astrological book. I am telling you this as per my little humble experience by the grace of god. Kalyan Varma in Saravali Ch.

Prithuyasas, son of Varahamihir and author of Horasara, has made use of Navamsa technique in most of the chapters of the book. Nadi Granthas are based primarily on Navamsa analysis. Navamsa chart is given more importance in Maharishi Parasara's Shodasha Vargas. IX, Sl. On the contrary, an exalted planet in Lagna chart if debilitated in navamsa chart does not give favourable result.

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It is considered more important than lagna chart and other Varga charts. If Lagna chart is like a tree, Navamsa is regarded its fruits. Vargottama Lagna and Planets When a planet occupies the same Rasi and Navamsa, that is, its Rasi lord and Navamsa lord is the same planet; and when the Janma lagna and Navamsa lagna fall in identical Rasi, it is called Vargottama.

For example, Sun, Vargottama in its exaltation sign Aries, is uchcha Vargottama. On the contrary, Saturn when Vargottama in Aries, its debilitation sign, is called neecha Vargottama, and is naturally less powerful.


If the rising Navamsa is Vargottama in a benefic sign, it is called Shubha Vargottama lagna, while the rising Navamsa in a malefic sign is called Pada Vargottama Lagna and produces corresponding result. The Means of Livelihood The position of 10th lord in Navamsa chart throws light on one's profession. According to Horasara Ch. If the lord of such Navamsa is the Sun, the person earns through fruits, trees, medicines, wool, gold, sculpture, government service, falsehood, cheating and gambling. If the lord of Navamsa is moon,it shows career connected with watery products, agriculture, animal husbandry, clothes, sugar, chanting of mantras, etc.

When such Navamsa lord is mercury, the livelihood is through writing, literature, study of scriptures, handicrafts, education, astrology, dancing and trickery. When such Navamsa lord is Jupiter, the native earns through teaching, priesthood, astrology, medicine, justice, politics and banking.


Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga | Jyothishi

When Venus is the lord of such navamsa, the livelihood is through women, cows and oher animals, medicines, beautification, singing, dancing, dealing in dairy products, textile, jewellery and cinema. When such Navamsa lord is Saturn, the source of earning will be laborious or from low grade service, sale of coarse grains, roots, salt, vegetables, wood work and butchery. As regards the effort involved in earning one's livelihood, horasara states :.

But, if the Navamsa lord be in his extreme depression, the gain will be very little. If it be conjoined with or aspected by other planet, then he will earn in a foreign country. If it is in Moon's Navamsa, the gain is from maternal side. In Venus Navamsa the gain is from females or maternal side. Acharyas say that in Rahu Navamsa, the same result will accrue.

Importance of Pushkaramsa In addition to the beneficial result produced by Vargottama lagna and planets, their Pushkar Navamsa position produces excellent result.