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Virat Kohli is an international celebrity and the captain of Indian cricket team. He is a national hero as cricket is a common passion among the crores Indians. Let me take a look at it. I am sure he would be having benefic planets in ether of his lagna, 9th, 10th or 11th houses as this level of success, wealth and fame does not come to everyone! E ven I am a fan of Kohli and it would be a pleasure to study his chart. Queen Kangana Ranaut is known as a extremely hardworking and dedicated artist as well as a fearless person who is not afraid to speak her mind.

She has by her own hard work and toil reached the top of the Hindi film industry and on her own terms. He has been going through a rough patch personally. Asc Pisces — Makes him a very emotional person and a simple soul. Sheena Bora was a young, vivacious and modern girl living in Mumbai and was killed by her own biological mother.

Sundar Pichai was an unknown person till about till he assumed the top role at Google.

Vedic Astrology: Different Independence Days - Pakistan and India

Since then he has not only become well known in India but many young professionals dream to emulate his success in a foriegn land. First of all two places where credit is due must be given — one is to Sundar himself as he must have worked very hard all his life to achieve what he has done in his professional and personal life and second to the Americans who promote and support merit regardless of where it comes from. I would not be too worried if I do not have a fate line provided my life line, and my head line are long, deep set and sharp.

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The head line should be straight and running across my palm and my life line should have a curve running down from around or little above the thumb area. Hardik Pandya is an Indian cricketer who is known as much for his cricketing skills as he is known for his off screen unnecessary controversies. Lets see if these unconfirmed birth details fit in with what we know of him!


Please read this as it shows what is required for an ordinary small town girl to not only become a superstar in Mumbai but also to have everlasting success. Disha Patani is an interesting case. From being a relatively unknown person to having fame at such a young age is indeed what dreams are made of. Let me analyze the birth chart of Virat Kohli, Indian cricket captain and incredible cricketer. As is known in the public domain he has by his sheer hard work, determination and mental strength risen to the top of Indian cricket and is not one of the top billed celebrities in India.

Ranbir Rishi Kapoor needs no introduction and I have done an analysis of his chart by tweaking his time of birth as per details available in the public domain about his life. As is evident he is really born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I entered into palmistry and astrology during my engineering days, more than 3 decades back as a professional palmist had predicted in the year that I would not live to see the year He had predicted that I would be killed in a road accident.

The experience of loneliness is highly subjective; an individual can be alone without feeling lonely and can feel lonely even when with other people. Psychologists generally consider loneliness to be a stable trait, meaning that individuals have different set-points for feeling loneliness, and they fluctuate around these set-points depending on the circumstances in their lives. I have like everyone have been watching the 45th US president Donald Trump on the media and reading his tweets. He was previously well known as a real estate magnate and reality TV host and is a very rich man.

Trump in my view is a polarizing figure as he speaks his mind and does not seem to be concerned about its consequences or even what impact it would have on other people. I have seen many pictures of him on TV watching his right palm. Also I am sure he is doing the remedies for his chart as explained below and must be being advised by the best of astrologers as he has a deep faith and belief in astrology and palmistry.

In fact he himself knows a lot about it. Blue Sapphire is an extreme stone and should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand on a Saturday after bath.

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But precautions are needed as described in the blog. I asked this question as I have been asked by many to teach them astrology or if they can be astrologers too. Though I have a mind to start teaching but I find it difficult as a big part of my predictions are based on my gut feel about a chart or a palm that I see.

I have noticed that now whenever I see a chart or palm I just start talking. How do I teach that? By a method of time rectification I would find out his time of birth. Mary Kom is an ace India boxer about whom the whole of India knows courtesy her great boxing prowess representing India and then the movie made on her life. She is presently also a member of parliament, being nominated to the Rajya Sabha. Let me analyze her chart to see how could she have risen despite all the struggles in her early life.

It bothered me and hence I wanted to study his chart. It seems to me that Irfan Khan a. Irrfan Khan a. I would briefly go into the theoretical aspects of Vedic astrology to answer this question. Vedic astrology can theoretically assess a chart by the methods mentioned below. He was deeply pained by the cost of freedom, which resulted in the division of his motherland and the human carnage that followed. He withdrew from active political activism and was living at the Birla house in New Delhi where he met people from all walks of life and focused on spirituality while spreading his mantra of non-violence.

Lata Mangeshkar just celebrated her 90th birthday and hence it is only fitting that her independent chart analysis be done on this auspicious day of Maha Navami by myself as my mark of respect to her. She is the embodiment of Devi Ma by the honorable way in which she has lived and handled her life. It is really rare given the fact that she is living in an industry that is the most materialistic industry in the world.

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From Poverty to Richness

What are the beneficial impacts of Mercury? What are the beneficial impacts of the Sun? How can one know someone has a good chart? What is the best way to please Lord Saturn? Does Ketu lead to losing interest? What are the positive impacts of Jupiter? How can Rahu's placement in the lagna chart help? What are the benefits of Mars as per Vedic astrology? What chart combination makes one an innovator? Can astrology tell me if I will have more than one marriage? Which planet has the most beneficial impact?

He was in many ways closer to the British than to the masses of India in terms of his culture and values that was often more British than Indian. Nehru was not supportive of the Hindu tradition or its modern renaissance that began with Swami Vivekananda and the world yoga movement.

Nehru marginalised the older Gandhian Congress, which had lost its leader, and developed his own Nehruvian Congress allied to the erstwhile Soviet Union and Red China, imitating their economic schemes and following a similar ideology of British Fabian Socialism. Marxist thinkers like Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, Ram Sharan Sharma and Bipan Chandra came to form the new intellectual wing of the Congress, controlling national educational institutions and influencing the media. Sonia Gandhi and her UPA rule strengthened this old alliance with the Marxists in , though global communism had largely collapsed along with the erstwhile Soviet Union in She also relied upon the communists on both electoral and intellectual levels, for their votes and ideas.

The party has moved further to the Left, leaving behind any centrist space in the country to the BJP, which has revived many of the Independence leaders that Congress in its Nehru fixation had ignored, such as Sardar Patel and Netaji Bose. It now seems closer the Independence movement thinkers in its inspiration than is Congress today. Yet, it is not the leader of the Left parties today but only one of its many players.

This shift has expanded further in The party is imitating and following the far-Left in its prime political issues that extend to sympathy for Kashmiri separatists, JNU protesters, minority appeasement, protection of beef eating and allowing the slaughter of animals. There is little of Mahatma Gandhi in the party today and nothing of Vivekananda or Aurobindo. There is no positive or new economic and developmental agenda for the country like that of the BJP either, just Leftist angst and outrage.

The Nehru dynasty has declined and lost its power and credibility. It does not have a strong leader and is now becoming an also-ran party.


Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice-president, does not demonstrate the stature that can inspire others and Sonia is too unwell to lead the party. The identity of the Congress as the Nehru dynasty no longer commands respect, but no other alternative leadership exists. There is no doubt that the Congress has suffered greatly for its long-term alliance with the far-Left. As the party has lost power throughout the country in a string of recent electoral defeats, this alliance has only pulled it down.

It is becoming just another far-Left, anti-Hindu party, in league with the communists, Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi Party, etc. It is no longer leading the Opposition against the BJP ideologically or by strategy, but mimicking these far-Left parties and their ever more shrill rhetoric and violent actions.

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It is slowly losing its prominence as the Nehru dynasty. It is becoming merely another far-Left party with no independent intellectual voice of its own. Now it seems the party is busy destroying itself in the shadow of the Left.