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The formula could be easily committed to memory to enable an astrologer to answer questions any time and anywhere without the need of an ephemeris. A method in horary employed by the pandit based on the counting of cowries was believed to be dependable in answering questions.

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It was as follows. The astrologer, after purification in the morning with a bath and worship of his family deity, should hand over 25 cowries to the querist after uttering the mantra Om namo bhagavate chamundeswari malayala swaroopinee sarvasiddhikarinee. The querist should drop cowries on the floor after shaking them well. If no cowry falls with its head on, repeat the shuffling and drop the cowries again on the floor. Who will predecease husband or wife? A simple method was suggested by the pandit. Count from the star of the wife to that of the husband. Multiply this by 7 and divide the product by Call the remainder x.

Similarly count from the star of the husband to that of the wife; multiply the figure by 7 and divide the product by Call it y. If y is greater than x, the wife will predecease. Otherwise the husband will predecease. To take an example: The wife's star is Satabhisha and the husband's Mrigasira.

Counting Mrigasira from Satabisha we get 9. Multiplying this by 7 and dividing the product by 28, the remainder x will be 7. Since y is greater than x, the wife will predecease the husband. It should not be construed that in giving these simple astrological and quasi-astrological methods, still in vogue amongst a section of village astrologers, I endorse or make use of them. In several instances, the results have been remarkable. It is for the readers to experiment with them and decide their utility. Moon Rahu Ascdt. He was born on at about 10 p.

The Nawab was addicted to cigar-smoking. I was asked to calculate the longevity of the Nawab by grandfather. My conclusion was : Lord of the Ascendant Venus is in his own house with Ketu. Lord of the 8th Jupiter is in a trine in association with Mercury and the Sun. Lord of the 3rd from the Moon is in the 8th therefrom while lord of Chandra Lagna aspects Chandra Lagna. Therefore, the native has middle life. Mars as lord of the 7th and the 12th could be Maraka, as he also owns the 2nd from the Moon. Hence Mars Dasa may prove fatal.

While appreciating my arguments grandfather disagreed with my conclusion. According to him the Moon could be a Maraka, because as lord of the 3rd he is aspected by Mars, a Maraka; Saturn, a malefic and the Sun lord of the 6th and Mercury lord of the 7th and 4th. He warned the Nawab that his 47th year might prove critical unless he stopped his smoking. The Nawab passed away about the middle of or so due to congestion of the lungs.

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My apprenticeship indirectly under my grandfather and other Pandits who visited Suryalaya gave me selfconfidence, a fairly good grounding in collateral subjects and the opportunity to learn from those who were experts in their own way. In a sense, what was lost by way of general education was made good by insights into. It was during this period that I learnt by practical experience the dignity of labour, the pangs of poverty and how, in life, appearance is always different from reality.

The Maharaja of Mysore presented grandfather with Rs. Grandfather spent this sum by giving loans to our family dhobi washerman , priest, maistry and many others hoping that such loans would be paid back or otherwise adjusted. Those who cried for help while they were in distress never cared to pay back the amounts given to them.

The financial position was so bad that I had to visit the debtors scattered in different villages for collection. Once the situation was so grave that we had to somehow manage to get Rs. I was sent to a village called Begur, about 10 miles from our own village to collect the money against the loan advanced to one Nanjunda Deekshita.

With an escort I walked the distance of 10 miles and met the debtor. His wife pleaded with me pathetically about their own affairs and I had to return empty-handed. I was only 16 years old then. Walking a distance of 20 miles in one day resulted in severe bruises on my soles.

My grandmother had to tend me for a week after that. Though Nanjunda Deekshita sent me back with no money he taught me what he called a snap-shot astrological method according to which one could find out in advance whether or not such a 'mission' as I had undertaken would be successful so that unnecessary physical and mental strain could be avoided. The method was of course quite simple. Ask for a number of three digits. The unit, the tenth and the hundredth digits respectively represent the future, the present and the past ruled by the planets of the appropriate number, namely I-the Sun 7the.

Malefic planets denote : the Sunpartly successful. Mars results in quarrels, Saturn much effort necessary, Rahunot beneficial, and benefices denoting : Jupitersuccess guaranteed, Venussuccess and pleasant happenings.

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Mercurymuch effort necessary and the Moonnot bad. I was so much in love with Astrology I would put to test every method of prediction that came my way.

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After a week I had to go to another village called Kadiganahally to collect money from the washerman. I thought of a number the unit-digit of which was 5 ruled by Venus. I became jubilant at the impending success. When I went to the village and asked the washerman to make at least a pan payment towards his debt, he pleaded inability due to his own bad circumstances.

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But he assured me he would pay me back in kind. He gave lemon fruits and a cup of milk. I felt my mission was successful at least partially. Then I reported this to grandfather. He just laughed over the matter. It was during this period again that I had the opportunity to observe at close quarters the sufferings of those who come under what is now fashionable for politicians to call "weaker sections".

About the end of grandfather was generous enough to write off all the debts and spared me the ordeal of walking long distances to different villages to collect the money. Years later I discovered that the method given above had been elaborately discussed in Prasna Marga, some details pertaining to which I shall giving here. The number which should consist of any three digits is capable of being interpreted in a number of ways even covering medical Astrology. The nature of the defect or disease would be appropriate to the nature of the planet signified by the number.

For answering questions of day-to-day importance, the hundredth, the tenth and the unit digits may be considered as representing the past, present and future. Multiply the root number by 45 and divide the product by 8.

If the remainder is zero or an even number, only failure is to be anticipated. If the remainder is an odd. Again reduce the root number to a single digit and find out the planet presiding over it and.

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If the Sun presides over the number the object in view will be gained. If the question refers to politics, success will attend and honour will flow. The Moon mental peace, domestic happiness,, plenty of food and acquisition of desired object The Moon at the time of query should be powerful to give all these results in full measure. Mars accidents, injuries from fires and weapons, quarrels, head diseases and troubles from enemies.

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Prasna always refer to immediate future 1 day to 1 year and these results are to happen within this period. Mercury itches, skin eruptions and sores in the body, , lingering or intermittent fever, troubles from domestic animals such as dogs, cats, etc. Jupiter access to wealth, realisation of objects, blessings from preceptors and holy people and smooth sailing in all affairs. Venus- good sexual enjoyments, happiness with wife, good income and acquisition of money and' ornaments. Saturn colic pains, sorrow, misunderstandings, fear from spirits and hobgoblins, rheumatism and bad results in general.

Rahu skin diseases of a virulent type, eye troubles, misunderstandings, fear from poison, snakes and reptiles. These methods have their own value and they cannot be brushed aside as of no avail.